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Help! Should I Moisturise If I Have Oily Skin?

Help! Should I Moisturise If I Have Oily Skin?

Wondering if you should moisturise if you have oily skin? We break it down for you below.

Why moisturising is so important

Moisturisers are beneficial in preventing water loss and maintaining moisture levels in our stratum corneum – the outermost layer of the skin. Hydrated skin means water content has been brought to the skin, however this does not mean your skin will retain this. Moisturisers will add hydration to the skin as well as retain it and in turn will slow the rate of premature ageing and free radical damage. There are many different types of moisturisers from lotions, creams and gels to oil based or water based products. With so many choices it is hard to know which one is right for you.

What goes into a moisturiser

Firstly, let’s talk about the components and ingredients that make up a moisturiser so that you have a better understanding as to what you should be using on your skin. There are 3 main types of moisturising ingredients; emollients, humectants and occlusives. Each of these ingredients have their unique properties.

  1. Emollients
    During winter or cold nights, you may find your skin to be especially dehydrated, this can make your skin appear dry and scaly leaving cracks in between your skin cells. Emollients will help fill these gaps with its fatty substance, also known as lipids, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. They are also great to disguise fine lines and wrinkles! Emollients can appear in the form of oils, lotions, creams and ointments and can have a luxurious or waxy like texture. These include fatty acids, shea butter, cocoa butter, palmitates and lots more. Each of these can be applied as much as you like throughout the day to ensure well moisturised skin.

  2. Occlusives
    Occlusives work in the way of forming a protective barrier between the air and your skin, they are usually oily or waxy, trapping water within the surface of the skin preventing moisture loss. The occlusive properties will also protect your skin from environmental factors such as cold wind, pollen and any harmful particles. Because occlusives mainly contain lipids (oil) it can leave skin with a slight sheen making it less attractive to those with an already oily complexion. However a low yet effective amount can be found in some moisturisers. Some oily and waxy occlusives include beeswax, jojoba oil, olive oil and argan oil.

  3. Humectants
    Humectants have high water absorption capabilities, its water binders attract and draw water into the surface of the skin from either the atmosphere or the lower layers of the skin. However in low humidity weather conditions humectants may be forced to take water from the deeper layers of the skin causing dehydration, therefore making it important to use humectants with occlusives. Types of humectants include hyaluronic acid, honey and depanthenol. (Vit B5)

Top tip: to get the best out of humectants within our evolveMD range, use our ‘Hydrating Mist’ before applying any serums and moisturisers for the ultimate dehydrated skin treatment.

These three main ingredients all play their own significant roles making the ratios important in determining the differences in your moisturisers.

Other ingredients that can be found in moisturisers are synthetic parabens and fragrances. Fragrances are mostly used to make a product smell nice however this can irritate the skin or trigger allergies. Synthetic parabens are a preservative that can be used to extend a product’s shelf life, studies also suggest that synthetic parabens can disrupt your hormones. These ingredients can ultimately worsen skin conditions so it is important to seek products that don’t include these ingredients. At Evolution Laser, our evolveMD range includes an airtight seal and natural preservatives that allow our products to be paraben free.

Through understanding what skin type you have, you can start to make informed decisions as to what type of moisturiser you should use. Based on the amount of oil your skin produces, this determines your skin type. Factors that can influence sebum production are genetics, stress, hormones, humidity and the ageing process. Those who have an oily skin type can also judge this by how their skin looks and feels. Oily skin can give a greasy or sticky feel to it as well as a noticeable increase in shine, particularly on the forehead, nose and chin. If you are someone who feels they are constantly reaching out for translucent powder to control their shine throughout the day this can also be an indication of having an oily skin type.

So, should I moisturise if I have oily skin?

It is understandable to think that those with oily skin types don’t need to apply moisturiser and if you do apply moisturiser to oily skin it will clog your pores and increase oil levels however, not all oily skin is well hydrated. Some oily skins can be dehydrated, meaning they have enough oil but not enough water. If you have oily skin but it can appear red or irritated, this can mean your skin barrier is disrupted. Moisturisers are crucial because they help aid these different types of oily skins and assist in restoring your skin barrier.

Our evolveMD range includes three types of moisturisers.

  1. Hydra Boost Moisturiser
    This product is a soothing hyaluronic moisturiser designed to calm, protect and balance your skin. It is non-comedogenic and provides instant relief for those suffering from irritated skin. This moisturiser boosts the natural water retention ability as well as builds up the moisture barrier improving overall cell health. The ‘Hydra Boost Moisturiser’ is best for normal, sensitive and combination skin.

  2. Ultra Nourishing Moisturiser
    This moisturiser is a luxurious silky cream that targets dry/mature skin so because of its high oil content, it isn’t suited for our clients with acne. However, this product is great for those with dry and flakey skin due to its properties in dramatically firming, plumping and restoring a youthful appearance. The ‘Ultra Nourishing Moisturiser’ is best for mature, dry, sensitive and healing skin.

  3. Laser Soothe
    The Laser Soothe is an ultra lightweight gel based product served to hydrate oily and irritated skin types. This contains hyaluronic acid (your humectant) and aloe vera which acts as a hydrating agent for the skin. Our ‘Laser Soothe’ is great for all skin types.

Best of all, these three products are fragrance and paraben free!

Although oily skin can be frustrating due to its proneness to breakouts and shiny look, it also has many benefits. Oil is crucial in preserving the skin therefore aiding its ageing effects. People with oily skin will also find themselves with thick skin and minimal wrinkles! It’s important to find a balance between how much oil your skin produces and how much water it retains.

If you are concerned about your skin’s oil production and acne breakouts or need help tailoring a skin routine suited to you, book in your complimentary skin consultation with one of our therapists today! We are more than happy to help.

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